Consultant Psychiatrist
Woman Psychiatrist | Child Psychiatrist | Adolescent Psychiatrist

Services Offered


  • Dr. Jalpa Bhuta has competence to treat a wide range of mental illnesses in all ADULTS (especially women) including :
    • Demention
    • Schizophrenia
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • OCD
    • Additions
    • Marital Problems
    • Anxiety Disorder
    • Depressive Disorder
    • Work Stress
    • Relationship Problem etc.
  • Latest advances in treatment of mental health of women, considering their reproductive cycle, ante partum, post- partum, menopausal conditions, PMs etc and issues of breast feeding etc
    • Premenstrual Symptoms
    • Ante Partum & Post Partum illnesses i.e. Post Partum Depression Psychosis
    • Depression in Women
    • Mevw Pasnal Disorder
  • Advanced pharmacological treatment for Children and Adolescents for various disorders i.e. Autism, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety disorders, OCD, Adjustment disorders, Behavioural problems, Addictions, Nocturnal enuresis, Tic disorder, Learning disorder, Mental Retardation, Bipolar Disorder.
    • School Refusal
    • Psychosomatic Complaints
    • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Evidence- based therapies
    • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
    • Cognitive behavior therapy
    • DBT
    • Brief Solution Focused Family Therapy
    • Play Therapy
    • Art and Music Therapy
  • Psychological Testing for Adults and Children
    • IQ
    • Bender- Gestalt Testing
    • Testing for Attention and Concentration
    • TAT, ROR, CAT
    • MMPI / MCMI
    • Tests for Autism
    • Sentence completion Test
    • Draw a person test


Adolescent Services

With the hormonal and physical changes, alongside emotional changes, peer pressures, social networking sites, mobiles, gadgets, exam pressure, parental expectations etc, the teenagers of today face intense turmoil. This may lead to anxiety and adjustment disorders.

  • The following help is available:
    • Exam anxiety
    • Depression
    • Self- harm
    • Alcohol and drug use
    • Smoking
    • OCD
    • Psychosis
    • Adolescent crises
    • Family problems etc
    • Tailored to the needs, the following can vailed
    • Individual Counselling
    • Family therapy
    • Liaison with school/ college
    • CBT, REBT
    • Medications
Woman’s Mental Health Services

Keeping in mind the social structure of society, family needs and work pressures, women who are finding it difficult to cope, can be offered a comprehensive assessment and management:

  • Couple Therapy
  • Marital therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Individual Counselling
  • Medications
ADHD Clinic

This is for children who suffer from attention deficits and subsequent behavioural and academic problems. It includes a detailed assessment with liaison with school teachers, pharmacological treatments, attention –enhancing strategies, with sensory integration techniques and Behavioral therapy.


This service is for children suffering from pervasive developmental disorders. It includes standardized assessments with multi- disciplinary management. Medications administered for co morbid ADHD, psychosis, behavioural problems, tics, mood and anxiety disorders

  • Psycho education for parents
  • Remedial Training
  • Behavioural therapy
  • Psycho- sensory stimulation

This is for children suffering from scholastic backwardness and learning problems. It includes detailed psychological assessments including IQ and LD assessment etc. A tailored approach for each individual child is adopted as per the needs, by the multidisciplinary team members